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Mrs. Millington-Pipe honoured

30 Apr 2017


Mrs.  Millington-Pipe (our own Mrs FMP) has now been recognised both nationally and internationally for her skills as a photographer. Head of junior school and busy mum of two, Mrs FMP also runs a successful photography business from her home near the school. Recently, Mrs FMP won three awards for photographs submitted to the prestigious ‘Image of the Month’ competition. The awarding body is The Guild of Photographers, an internationally accredited UK trade association with a reputation for excellence.

Although Mrs FMP is best known for her delightful family portraits, the silver and bronze awards recognise her creativity as a photographer and her ability to coordinate all the various professionals needed on a shoot.  The winning images, of model Kate Laura from the ‘Ice Queen’ series and a headshot of fashion model Georgia Annable, really demonstrate her versatility. For more examples of Fiona’s photography, go online and visit

Always keen to share her talents, Mrs FMP's after school photography club is one of our best attended clubs by pupils hoping a bit of her photography wizardry rubs off on them.



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