Manor House School, Ashby -de la- Zouch

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School information

School Aims

'Pupils are confident and, through the school's acknowledgement of success, they develop high levels of self-esteem. They grow in self-confidence, not only through the school's ethos, but in response to the school's emphasis on valuing the individual in a supportive and friendly school community' - ISI Report, 2014

At Manor House School, pupils receive a sound academic education but are also given the encouragement and support to develop as individuals, in preparation for life in today's global community.

Art shotPupils develop academic and social skills.

The school's aims outline the ways in which it helps pupils to grow and become responsible, successful and considerate young adults.

  • To equip our pupils with the academic skills and social attributes to meet the demands of today's world.
  • To maintain an environment where children can develop self-discipline, responsibility and self-motivation.
  • To provide a curriculum that stimulates and challenges children to produce their best.
  • To encourage our pupils to work and interact with each other, regardless of, and with respect for, gender, religion, cultural background, disability or any other factor that would seek to discriminate, provide discord or 'unfairness'.
  • To recognise and develop individual talents and abilities.
  • To acknowledge and celebrate personal achievements and contributions to school life.
  • To develop children with confidence and self-esteem who recognise the worth of others in the school and society.
  • To inspire children to explore the past, to examine the present and plan for the future.

'The social awareness of pupils is excellent and owes much to the way they are encourged to be caring and responsible members of the community. Pupils are polite and articulate to visitors and at ease when speaking with them.' - ISI Report, 2014