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ISI Reports

July 2016
Following an unannounced inspection by the Independent School’s Inspectorate on 4th July 2016 we are pleased to publish the most recent inspection report. The current management and leadership team at Manor House School have worked extremely hard to achieve the standards we have today;  this success has been achieved by our strong and dedicated team who will move heaven and earth to ensure our pupils receive the best. 
We are looking forward to a renewed period of stability and success.

   Manor House School July 2016 Report 





Previous inspection:

September 2014

Following a four day inspection in September 2014, school inspectors again praised Manor House School for our excellent pastoral care, well-planned curriculum, and the climate in which pupils are taught. Inspectors commented on the school’s ‘warm and welcoming atmosphere’ finding that the school has ‘improved since the previous inspection’ 

Inspectors commended pupils’ positive attitudes to learning and achievements, saying that our pupils are, ‘Well educated… and demonstrate good knowledge, understanding and skill in a wide range of academic and extra curricular activities.’


The report recognises the school’s aims to equip pupils with the academic skills and social attributes to meet the demands of today’s world and to maintain an environment where children can develop personal skills.

HoopsPupils have a positive attitude to learning.

The inspectors found that ‘The school’s broad curriculum and day-to-day life gives pupils many opportunities to develop...’  In a caring community, the pupils’ personal development is ‘… excellent, with staff demonstrating very effective support and guidance for pupils of all ages.’  Pupils, who again were a credit to themselves, were said to ‘...respond well to the warm and friendly environment engendered by teachers.’ Pupils are friendly and courteous, reflecting the school’s emphasis on sound personal values and good standards of behaviour; pupils were praised for the way they conduct themselves in and around school, their behaviour being called ‘exemplary.’ 

On the subject of academic performance, the report said, ’The quality of pupils’ achievements and learning are good’ and that …’Pupils make good progress in lessons.’ The report comments that, ‘This progress is the result of a good curriculum, effective teaching and the good qualities of pupils in lessons.’  The report picks out our provision for pupils with SEND, saying these pupils are supported well, participate well in lessons and make good progress as a result.

Leadership and management were described as good with the inspectorate noting that, ‘Both pupils and parents are happy with the school.’ Staff are described as acting as excellent role models for pupils with pupils appreciating the care and support they receive.

Inspectors noted that the range of extra-curricular activities are wider than expected for similar schools of our size.  Pupils’ educational experience is enhanced by the varied extra-curricular programme with the school grounds providing good provision for games and sporting activities.’ 

We feel the report tells everyone else what we have known all along – that our school provides a varied and rewarding educational experience for pupils of all ages in a close-knit and caring community. Pupils in our care are well supported and respond superbly to the range of learning and extra-curricular activities offered both inside and outside the classroom.

The inspection was carried out by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).


Copies of the ISI reports are available from the school office or can be viewed from the school website using the following links:

   Manor House School Septemeber 2014 report