Manor House School, Ashby -de la- Zouch

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House System

'Through the prefect system and House activities, pupils learn the responsibilities that go with leadership and team building' - ISI Report, 2014

All pupils at Manor House School are a member of one of three Houses - Hastings, Ivanhoe and Woodcock.

Pupils are required to work together in mixed age groups, bridging the school community and encouraging team work and effective communication.

Pupils can pick up House points by achieving merits, special mentions or sporting success.

Sports dayRepresentatives from the school's three Houses in the race for House points at sports day.

Houses compete against each other in a series of sporting events throughout the year, including football, cricket, netball and rounders. Points are also awarded at the school's annual sports day in the Summer term.

At the end of the school year, representatives of the House with the most points are presented with a trophy and shield at the annual prize-giving ceremony.

Pupils from the Senior School also have the opportunity to act as Prefects, organising events and offering guidance to younger pupils.