Manor House School, Ashby -de la- Zouch

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Healthy Eating (Menu)

'Pupils are encouraged to be healthy and understand the need to adopt good eating habits. School lunches use locally sourced food whenever possible, and they are of good quality, nutritious and there is plenty of variety.' - ISI Report, 2011

Healthy food is at the top of the menu at Manor House School.


Pupils can choose from a range of nutritious, hot and cold lunchtime options, which are prepared daily in the school kitchen from traditional recipes.


Hot meals are served daily, along with jacket potatoes, sandwich and salad options. Bread and butter, yogurts and fruit pots are always available.

VegetablesChildren enjoy a balanced meal.

The school's rolling four-week menu includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as foods essential for energy and growth.

Catering manager Tracy Johnson said: "We try to give the children a healthy, balanced diet. Every day, there is a choice of three different vegetables, as well as fresh fruit and yogurt for dessert.

Everything we serve is made on the premises."

Dinner tableYoung pupils tuck into a pasta meal.

All ingredients used at Manor House are sourced locally, wherever possible, including fruit and vegetables from Packington and milk from a local farm.

Recipes range from traditional favourites like roast dinners and cottage pie, to chilli con carne and fish cakes.

Roast dinnerRoast dinners are always popular.
Mrs Johnson added: "Generally, I get the most feedback from parents, who are happy that the school is giving their children a choice of healthy meals at lunchtime.

"Occasionally, one of the children will give me a compliment about the cooking. That is very nice. But the best compliment of all is a clean plate."

Research has found that youngsters who eat balanced diets low in sugar, salt and saturated fat, but high in essential vitamins and minerals, are generally healthier and find it easier to concentrate and perform well at school.