Manor House School, Ashby -de la- Zouch

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School information

School Uniform


It is extremely important for pupils to wear the correct school uniform.

At Manor House School, it is felt that uniform gives pupils a sense of identity and pride in their school.

Pre-PrepWearing a uniform enhances pupils' appearance. (Photograph by Bell and Blossom)

The uniform enhances the appearance of pupils and, in turn, cements the reputation of the school.

Wearing a uniform also helps to give pupils a sense of purpose when they get ready for school in the morning.

M formsUniform gives pupils a sense of pride. (Photograph by Bell and Blossom).

Just as importantly, uniform helps parents and teachers to avoid the problem of what is and what is not suitable for school.

Parents should only purchase uniform from recommended suppliers. The school reserves the right to refuse permission for unofficial items of school uniform to be worn.

S formsUniform should be purchased from official stockists. (Photograph by Bell and Blossom).

Parents must use their discretion to decide whether pupils should wear uniform items for warm or cold weather. There is no fixed date for the wearing of summer and winter uniform.

All clothing worn at school must be clearly marked with name tapes.

Official stockists are:

Pupils Schoolwear
35, West Street, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 9DN
Tel: 01283 224512                                                                                        

Clothing 4 Schools

25 High Street, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 8JE

Tel: 01283 249742

Parents should note that there may be a waiting list of up to eight weeks for some items, including suits, tracksuits, blazers, skirts and pinafore dresses, so it is best to allow plenty of time when ordering these.

There is also a second hand uniform service offering good quality, pre-owned uniform. All proceeds go to school funds. Email: or tel: 01530 412932

The following downloadable uniform guidelines are issued to parents when their children start at the school. Download your copy of the uniform guidelines.