Manor House School, Ashby -de la- Zouch

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Parents' Testimonials

'Parents...rated highly the progress the children make, the promotion of worthwhile attitudes and values and the way they are encouraged to be involved with the life and work of the school...Parents have many opportunities to be involved in the school such as sports day, harvest festival and prize giving' - ISI Report, 2011

Parents' views are very important to the school - and to prospective parents when choosing a school for their child.

Here is a selection of some of the comments made by the parents of existing pupils and those who have recently moved on to the next stage of their education.


The best years of my son's educational life 

"Manor House School have been the best year(s) of my son's educational life. He is better and different, more confident and competitive, cheerful and helpful, than he was before. We THANK YOU." - Parents, February 2016

Every child matters

"I have to say that our experience has been very good and really positive over that last 7 years. We chose Manor House School for its small class sizes and family values, also we didn't want our boys to get 'lost in the system'. Both our eldest child and currently our younger child have gone to school very happy every day. The teachers and staff are always positive, polite and most of all approachable, any concerns are dealt with quickly and effectively. I am really proud to drive up the school drive every day to this beautiful historic building in the safe knowledge that my child will be cared for in the same way as he is at home. Our eldest child reached his full potential with 9 GCSEs and is now doing A Levels and is a course leader, he came to Manor House with no self confidence and is now doing presentations at college about Space! and I am sure our youngest child will also reach his full potential. That's all you can ask for as a parent. The school offers a fantastic education along with a family atmosphere that promotes good manners and behaviour. Every child really does matter at Manor House." - Parent, January 2016

No More Holidays, Please!

'I measure the success of the school by the fact that my child says during holidays she can't wait to go back! -Parent, June 2014

Positive Attitude

'We are very pleased with our son's school report, especially the progress he has made in Maths. He has really enjoyed begin in M3 and has enjoyed the extra work and challenges he has been given. Huge thanks for stimulating him and getting the best out of him - we hope he continues with this attitude in his next class!' - Parents of current pupil, March 2014

Fees Were no More Expensive than Nursery

"We had concerns about sending our daughter to the local state school so, when friends of ours said their children were going to Manor House School, we went to have a look.

"We liked the school instantly - and the fees were no more expensive than we had been paying for nursery. Our daughter absolutely loves it at Manor House School. She runs up the drive to school everyday; she literally can't wait to get there."

- Parent of current pupil, December 2013

Small Classes Have Given My Son Confidence

"I chose Manor House School for my son because he was shy; the small classes enabled him to gain in self-confidence. It is a lovely school and has a real ‘family’ feel to it. 

“Manners and discipline are very important to the ethos of the school and I like the fact that this is always upheld. I’ve never experienced any bullying issues – everyone knows everyone else and they all get on well most of the time. 

“In my opinion, children are free to learn in a safe environment which is a lovely experience to have. My son loves it there and has never not wanted to go to school. In fact, he used to cry if he was ill and couldn’t go in!”

- Parent of current pupil, January 2014

Manners, Respect and Confidence

"I attended a school Open Day because my friend's two children had been at the school – I was impressed by the outstanding manners of the children who showed me and my husband around the school. 

"I like the approachability of the teachers, the family atmosphere and the matter-of-fact approach to most school issues.

"My two kids understand that they are special in that they have smaller classes, more attention from their teachers and any problem/good point is picked up easily by the school. They get on well with the teachers, enjoy the after-school clubs and I think they are treated as grown-ups sooner than they would be in other schools. I have noticed that they are given small tasks of responsibility.

"Education is not the only issue at MHS. The staff encourage every child to have all-round attributes – manners, showing respect to fellow pupils and teachers and getting involved in out of school activities such as the Rotary speeches, writing stories for competitions etc – what else does a child need but as much confidence as possible? All the things that I never received at my stuffy Girls' Grammar School!"

- Parent of two current pupils, September 2013 

"He has grown into a fine young man and his manners and work ethic are attributed to his formative years at MHS."

Parent of former pupil. July 2014

Our Daughter Sailed Through Her GCSEs

"We liked the size of the school, the small classes, the friendly family atmosphere. The school made a good impression on us straightaway.

“It suited our daughter very well. It suited her that she knew everyone and everyone knew her. 

 “I would certainly recommend Manor House School. The level of education is very good. The children are given a lot of confidence and taught right from wrong. Traditional values like these are important.  

"Our daughter did really well in her GCSEs. She seemed to sail through.

“Manor House School gave her the confidence to move on to Sixth Form.  

“We were very happy with the school all the way through and very happy with the person she has turned out to be which is due largely to the time she spent at Manor House School.”  

- Parent of 2013 leaver whose daughter spent 12 years at the school 

Nurturing and Caring School

"We can't thank the school staff enough for their hard work and dedication. We feel so blessed that our son is able to attend such a nurturing and caring school."

 - Parent, July 2013

Wonderful Family Atmosphere

"My daughter joined Manor House School 12 years ago and during that time she has received an excellent education. I can honestly say we have never had a day when she has not wanted to go to school. Manor House School has a wonderful family atmosphere and has a way of making its children feel a part of the team, as you can see from the amount of teachers, children and supporters who turn out to school events."

 - Parent, July 2013 (2013 leaver)

Every Child Counts at Manor House School

“My daughter got on really well at Manor House School. She liked the fact that it was a small school where everybody knew each other.

“Everyone was friendly and children from all age groups got on well together.

“We were looking for a small school. At MHS, we felt that she would get the help she needed to do as well as she possibly could do and that she wouldn’t simply be making up the numbers.

“The teachers helped her enormously and were very willing to work with her on a one-to-one basis.

“MHS’s greatest strength is its size. Every child counts.

“We hear about the national ‘Every Child Matters’ policy but, at MHS, it really is the case. The teachers and staff are always willing to go out of their way.

“As an added bonus, it is in a lovely setting - we loved the building. There is a real sense of community about the place.

“I have recommended MHS to other parents and would definitely do so again.”

- Parent of former S5 student (2013 leaver)

Choosing Manor House School was the Best Decision We Made

“We chose Manor House School for our two children because it is a lovely, small school. You get the feeling that everybody knows everybody.

“Both of our children loved it. Big schools work for some children but not for everybody.

“The small classes were ideal. There was almost one-to-one tuition during the GCSE years – it was brilliant.

“I don’t think that either of our children would have succeeded quite as well as they did without the care and attention they received from teachers at MHS.

“Both of them made lovely friends. Because the school was small and everybody knew everybody, there was never really any bad behaviour and no bullying. It just didn’t happen.

“Choosing MHS was the best decision we made. The children thrived there and I have recommended the school to other parents.

“My son is now working abroad and my daughter has moved on to Sixth Form study.”

- Parent of two former S5 students

My Son Settled in Straightaway

“Manor House School was convenient for us and was recommended by some people we knew.

“My son settled in really well; he liked it straightaway. He liked the fact that it was small and friendly. Everybody knew everybody.

“Among other things, MHS taught him manners.

“I preferred MHS to a big school. My son got on really well there.”

- Parent of former S5 student and current student

Before and After School Provision is Excellent

“We chose Manor House School for our children because we felt they wouldn’t get ‘lost’ in the system.

“Before and after school provision is excellent, which was important for us.

“Our daughter gained self-confidence and a belief that she could succeed. Her GCSE grades surpassed our expectations.

“She is now studying for A Levels at Sixth Form, and hopes to go on to gain a place to study adult nursing at university.

“I would encourage parents who would like a small, friendly school, in which each child is treated as an individual, to choose Manor House School.”

- Parent of former S5 student