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Examination Results

August 2017 GCSE results success

Congratulations to our pupils in S5 who collected their results in August and achieved so highly.

Every one of them went home having passed all of their GCSEs and can now move on to the next stage of their lives. For the second successive summer all our pupils passed every GCSE they sat.

We wish them all the very best.


Similarly, four of our younger pupils collected their Free Standing Maths qualification results today ahead of schedule, with three getting the highest possible grades. All of them will return to school in September to start preparing for the higher tier maths paper in S3, ahead of many in their age group nationally.


Well done to all of our pupils for all their hard work and dedication.





'Pupils demonstrate good levels of knowledge, skill and understanding across the curriculum' - ISI Report.

Examination results at Manor House School are consistently above the national average.



All of our pupils passed every exam: 100% success.

100% success rate  A* - C in 5 subjects

Students in year 10 sat maths and science GCSE exam celebrated success in both subjects passing one year ahead with an overwhelming A* - Cs. Not to be outdone, 3 students in year 9 gained C or above at GCSE maths two years ahead of the national standards! That means, whilst remaining a non-selective school, our pupils are taking exams a year and in some cases 2 years ahead of their age group and being successful. It’s what we do well at Manor House.

Furthermore, 8 pupils in year 8 successfully sat their AQA free standing maths qualifications.

20% of our year 11s achieved all A*/A in all their exams.

The results are testament to how hard our pupils worked and the diligence they showed in every subject, supported by a hardworking, passionate and skilled teaching staff. 

This year the published league tables take the first exam entry, hence the figure that appears in newspapers is lower than the 80% who actually achieved 5 A* - C including English and maths.  Manor House believes the early entry gives pupils real exam experience so they can retake to optimise their potential. It is their highest exam result the children take forwards with them, not the result that appears in the tables in the media.


We set the standards others strive to follow.


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