Manor House School, Ashby -de la- Zouch

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Manor House School Head Girl & Head Boy

11 Jul 2017



We are delighted to announce Evelyn Roberts and Thomas Gaunt as our new Head Girl and Head Boy. 

This year has been an outstanding year for all of S4. They have settled into their GCSE choices and now are over half way through their courses.

We have been impressed by their dedication and determination.

It has been hard when there have been so many strong candidates in S4 this year, but the decision of Head Boy and Head Girl has been made by teaching staff voting, based on many different factors.  

In recognition of the strengths of others in the tutor group and how much work they have done this year we would like to award Zoe, Lauren, Phoebe, Emily and Joel as official mentors for the younger children. Often we have been told by the younger children themselves and by their parents how they have helped them through their own personal wobbles. This is invaluable to the children and they have already comforted and supported many.

Moving forwards, Mrs. Knaggs and Mrs. Farrell will be becoming tutors for S5 as they have been for the departing S5 this year.

Mr. Lawton moves to the new S1 where we are expecting him to follow them through the years.

We are proud of them all.


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