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Celebration of languages following our 100% exam success

29 Sep 2017

European Day of Languages was celebrated throughout school on Tuesday.


In Science students found out about the lives of 15 famous different European scientists. The students found out how they have contributed to our knowledge and understanding of Science - from Archimedes and Aristotle to Albert Einstein.

The students then had to match their country of birth to different European flags. It was also made clear that several of these scientists have contributed to different words we use in our language, such as Volts, Celsius and even the word Eureka.

A truly cross-curricular lesson which the students found both educational and enjoyable.

The pre-prep forms enjoyed learning about cats in different languages. We are amazed how many languages we could say cat in already!  We knew, Latvian, French, Italian, German, Romanian, Swedish, Gujarati and Spanish just  as a start.

Miss Dimitrova taught us the word for cat in Bulgarian kotka and we were fascinated by learning about the Cyrillic alphabet. We heard a Bulgarian Nursery rhyme about cats too.

At the end of the day we made drawings of cats and labelled them in different languages. We are going to put them up in a display so you can look forward to seeing that too.


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