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Faraja Support charity update

23 May 2018

On Monday at Manor House School M1-M4 were lucky enough to spend the morning with Helen and Mike from Faraja Support, a charity supporting orphaned children from Tanzania.

Helen helped us get in traditional Maasai dress before we went on a daladala (mini bus), which was a tight squeeze. We all had to squeeze onto 4 chairs to help understand that people in Tanzania get 20+ people on a daladala made for 13.

After that, we had to wash our clothes by hand. Helen told us it takes hours every day to wash the 10 boys’ clothes. The water had to be collected and carried on our heads. It was very hard to walk and made our necks hurt. After all of our hard work, it was time for FOOD! We ate: ndizi (banana), parachichi (avocado), embe (mango) and nanasi (pineapple). We loved tasting all the delicious food. The ugali (maize porridge) had us divided though. 

Thank you to Helen for leading the session and to our juniors who were, as ever, superstars.


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